The Thriving Space

Are you a woman in or around your 50's, who's ready to reconnect with yourself so that you can finally focus on your own wellbeing, growth, and goals?    

Find the direction, purpose and happiness you deserve.

Let us show you how.

What if I told you...

That this stage of life could feel more abundant, fulfilling and nourishing without giving up all of the important plates you're trying to juggle?... (but you can put some down if you'd like).

That you could care for yourself at least as well as you've cared for other people over the years, get into the driver's seat of your future, and make the next chapter on that is fulfilling, abundant, and supportive of your health and wellbeing?

What if I told you

that you could move from...

Getting through life as best you can.

Connecting with yourself so authentically, that you inspire the younger women in your life to own their own uniqueness?

Feeling somewhere between so-so and scared of being in and around your 50s.

Living the best freaking decade of your life.

Feeling frazzled and pulled in all directions.

Knowing deep in your heart where you're going and why, and fully able to keep your eye on the prize.

Feeling pulled into other people's opinions of how you should be doing this stage of life, and second-guessing yourself.

Sitting proudly at the top of your own priority list without the nagging feeling of being selfish.

Knowing that your health has been on the backburner for too long, and you still have a window of opportunity before it's too late.

Getting down to feeling fit and fab.

Feeling blindsided by perimenopause / menopause



I'm Alison Dougall

Founder of The Thriving Space
Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

I've had a several evolutions as a health professional over the last 30-odd years, with degrees to match - a Master of Psychology, BA (Psychology) with Honours, and a Diploma of Health Science (Nursing).

At 50, I was getting by okay, but I was super burnt out in a corporate job that I loved, but which wasn't sustainable. My doctor told me I was getting towards overweight, I was fatigued, and plagued by minor (but fitness-reducing) injuries.

So finally I decided to do things differently... I gave myself space, applied all of my favourite psychological and mindfulness strategies, learnt some new ones, persevered...

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