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           Let's turn the challenges of
Perimenopause into opportunity

Alison Dougall,
Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

Hello! I'm Alison, your partner in this crazy and fabulous journey of midlife.

 Like a lot of women, I tried for some time to avoid the whole topic of menopause and all things related. But my own perimenopause experience had different ideas for me, and eventually I needed to sit up and pay attention …  This pivotal period has not only changed my life, but reshaped my career. My psychology practice is now dedicated to supporting women in midlife transition.

I thrive on supporting women who often feel they've lost a part of themselves. The journey through peri-menopause is rarely simple and usually comes intertwined with other life complexities. By offering time and space to reflect, I help women reassess their roles, determine their priorities, and gain clarity on what truly matters to them. Our conversations aim to transform feelings of overwhelm into excitement, clarity, and courage—preparing them to step forward with confidence.

Highlights of my diverse career have included years in general private practice, roles at the Sexual Assault Resource Centre, and facilitating evidence-based mindfulness programs. My background as a Registered Nurse with a specialization in sexual and reproductive health uniquely positions me to make a significant impact in the field of midlife women's health.

In recent years, I have transitioned to an exclusively online practice. This has enhanced the quality of care I provide while offering unparalleled flexibility to my clients, especially those in rural and remote locations.

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