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          Let's turn the challenges of
Perimenopause into opportunity

Alison Dougall,
Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

Like a lot of women, I tried for some time to avoid the whole topic of menopause and all things related. But my own perimenopause had different ideas for me, and eventually I needed to sit up and pay attention...

This is a challenging time of life for many of us. And there's nothing I love more in my professional life, than working with women who are experiencing ..... To be honest, they can feel degrees of desperation when they first come to see me. They are often NOT feeling like themselves at all. And of course, it's not just the joys of perimenopause that they're dealing with. Life isn't that simple. Nope, as midlife women, it's more than likely they have other stuff going on. All up, it can just feel like too much. But offering the time and space to make sense of it all, reconsider how they want to show up in the world, how much and what kind of caring they want to continue to provide others, and becoming clear on what's most important for them ... well, these conversations are pretty impactful. In fact, they seem like the “essence” to helping my clients move from feeling overwhelmed and often desperate, to excited, clear, courageous and 'ready'. THIS. This is the work that I love. It's such a privilege.

After nearly two decades as a psychologist, and with a background as a Registered Nurse as well, I'm still a lover of geeky science about the space where the biological meets the psychological. My therapy approach is collaborative and individualised  to client strengths, needs and interests. Evidence-Based Mindfulness is one of my therapy loves - for clients who want to get even more therapeutic benefit in-between sessions.

Most of my years as a Psychologist have been spent working in general private practice. I've also worked at the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) in Western Australia, as a Trauma Counsellor, with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and with the Australian Federal Police. Teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in small group settings has been a particular highlight. For the last few years I have been worked exclusively online and been delighted with the quality of service it allows me to provide, and the flexibility it gives clients. 

Here's How to Reach Me

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